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My cat Suki gave birth this morning to 4 healthy kittens. Two boys and 2 girls. The two boys are black and white wiv tiny tabby marks in some places and the two girls are tabby and white but one is more tabby than the others! It was amazing to see her give birth. It was over really quickly! I will post pics as soon as i have some. The kittens are sucking on suki and recieving milk. I have been watching them all day as it is really nice to watch! :D
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Congratulations! :D You have some exciting months to look forward to :)
Here are all the kittens names. Females-tabs, kit kat, and the males r -lion and barry! i didnt name one barry my dad did.. lol. Still nice name though. It suits him. :D
Yeah, i've got a weak for graphics..did u noticed?

It just brightens up the whole page! If u think i'm overdoing it, please say so!!

Ps: I already have a name for my next cat, but promise not to laugh..
it's "Prozac", i think it's hilarious! and it sounds good :lol:
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I think that is a wicked name! Good on ya audrey! :D
Hey, Audrey! I'm laughing... :lol: No one can accuse you of being boring!
Jeanie said:
Hey, Audrey! I'm laughing... :lol: No one can accuse you of being boring!
I'll take that as a compliment, he! :wink: :wink:
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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