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Kittens going behind TV stand & Computer Desk

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I have an issue with my two boy kittens (not neutered yet) going pee behind my tv stand and my computer desk. They are about five months old and I plan on getting them neutered within the next month when it is financially feasible. We have had them since they were born. My son brought in a pregnant stray to feed her and after 20 minutes of being inside she was having her babies in the open pet carrier. We found three their forever homes and kept two since we had recently lost our 2 year old Ling baby. We also have our 3 year old spayed female cat Sam, who has taken to the boys as her own. She uses the litter box just fine. We live in a small apartment and there are limited places to put a litter box.. and we have three.. two large ones in an open bathroom closet and one in the other bathroom and they just seem to refuse to use any of them. I catch them going behind the tv stand or desk and immediately take them to a litter box. Our Loki, he will go ahead and use the box (sometimes) but Junior just flat refuses to go. It's irritating and hard to clean behind the TV and my desk, but I don't want to have to give them away for a solution that can be fixed. I use the feline pine and keep the boxes clean and dry every day. What else do I need to do to help litter train my boys?? I've always had female cats and never males. Is there a difference?? Any help and/or suggestions would help immensely.

Thanks guys!
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I've always had male cats and never female. I have had no problems. I was worried about my Savannah kitten using his liter box being the wild blood line. No problem at all.
There is some litter that is called attract or something like that. Suppose to work good. I'm sure someone that knows more will help.
The Persian boy I had before did exactly same thing. He almost set our condo on fire because his pee went into outlet and caused some serious sparkle. Fortunately we were at home and cut the main switch in time. The behavior stopped after he is neutured. I never have this problem with my girls.
The litter is called Cat Attract. And they have Kitten Attract available. They are both by Dr Elsey. The litters have always worked for me with my fosters.

Precious Cat Litter

I’m assuming you’re washing the area with Natures Miracle or the house hold products Dr Elsey suggests on his website and in the flyer you get with the litter bags? Then put foil down after you’ve cleaned up the area.

The sooner you get your cats neutered the better. You don’t want this marking to become an ingrained habit to continue after the s/n. You can get a kitten s/n once they are 3 lbs. Then the habit has no chance to start. But we all live and learn from these experiences.
Interesting suggestion about the foil, Mitts. Sasha is VERY finicky about his litter box. If it's not absolutely clean, he will go to the next one, but before he goes in one, it must be clean. Learned this the hard way. So, he started peeing in the biggie there since the tub can be rinsed and the tub is too small for baths, anyways. But then, the little bugger graduated to the rug. Once we got the 4th box, it's been ok, but I never thought about the foil afterwards. He did pee in the same spot again once or twice and then it finally stopped.
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