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I recently purchased a kitten from the Local Animal Shelter. She's a very beautiful DSH torti. I named her Penny, after a song I love called "Penny&Me"

She's about 11wks old now- and I got her about 2 weeks ago, or so.
When I got her, there was a cold "URI" going around the shelter. So I was told to keep an eye on her.

I brought her in for her next shots, as well as to get checked out because she was coughing & her eye was runny.

They told me she had a cold, but there was nothing they could do- because it's a virus. So they said if she got a secondary bacterial infection-- (and I would know by the green mucus stuff coming from her nose... or eyes) then they could treat her.

It's been almost a week... a few days short maybe... & she'd had a yeast infection in her ear, so I've been giving her drops for that...

But her cold is getting much worse. She eats, but not as much- & shes still playful. But she is sleeping a lot more- & shes wheezing, having a lot of breathing thru her mouth because her nose is stuffed or something. And coughing, almost like she's going to throw up, but she doesn't.

What should I do? Is there anything I can do?
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