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Kittens having diarrhea - anything I'm missing?

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My two kittens are having diarrhea. I got them last week and they got their first shots last Tuesday. They were doing fine up until yesterday. Stools were dark and firm. Starting Saturday night/Sunday morning they started having very frequent soft light brown poos. They were still active and eating and drinking appropriately so I just watched it. The routine pretty much settled into play, sleep, get up and poo and then play some more. This morning I found some liquid poo on the floor outside the box.

I've already seen the vet and we did fecals. He said he didn't see anything overtly indicating bacterial infection or parasites but he wanted to treat them as such. He gave me flagyl, amoxicillin, and strongid, and advised giving them a tsp of plain yogurt and take them off the can food I've been giving them. I'm hoping this is more about diet than being sick. I took them in so quickly because I want to be ahead of the curve and not behind it....but I'm not sure I want to pump them so full of medications without any real reason to either. Antibiotics are are known for causing diarrhea on their own.....

Is there anything I'm missing? The vet said they are well hydrated and they are still eating, drinking and playing appropriately.

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I am glad you are sceptical of giving them all these meds, I would be too. I never understood why vets do a fecal, and then even though it is negative for parasites they still give a dewormer. Sounds like they are just trying to maximize profits. And antibiotics when he sees no sign of infection really seems like overkill. Why did he suggest you take them off the canned food? Did you change their diet or are they on the same food they were on before you got them?
I'm actually okay with the wormer. I'll admit, these kittens probably did not come from a home that provided the most up-to-date vet care and there were some live fleas on them. Also, I'm no expert and it wasn't mentioned, but to me their bellies look a bit rounded like a wormy belly would look like.

I'm not sure what the previous owner was feeding, but I'm pretty sure it probably isn't what I'm feeding. It is very likely they've got some upset stomach from the diet change. However, they did just get a shot and the vet said to bring them in immediately if they started having diarrhea, so I did. He didn't come out an say it, but I believe the idea behind stopping the canned was because it was contributing to the softness of the poo. He only suggested to stop it for a day or two to see if it helped....and honestly I had already made the decision to withhold the canned.

What are you feeding, if I may ask? Some gravy based foods cause the runs in some cats.

Also, lower quality or 'grocery store' brands can often cause digestive upset.
I'm feeding Hills SD Kitten dry formula and Fancy Feast kitten canned. Both of these are really hold overs and not something I want to feed long term. The Hills is left overs from Panda which I got when I adopted her from the shelter and the Fancy Feast was literally just something to use for a week or two until I decided when I was going to switch my kitties to raw or decided on better brand of food to feed until I was comfortable switching them to raw.

Ugh....Zeke just had liquid poo and not just soft serve. Zoey is still just having very large soft serve poos. Bellies still look distended. Looks like it'll be an all nighter unless things firm up.

Thankfully Zeke made it to the litter box just in time instead of pooing where he was sleeping in my shirt. I put him in the kitten pen and he spent a few minutes eating/drinking and then crawled back into the carrier and went back to sleep. He usually cries about being put into the kitten pen.

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