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Ok I went and got the 4 kittens (dont make me talk about my day to fit that into my schedule..). Now they're home! I'm still waiting for my sister to send me my pictures because my digi-cam is dead.

Got them inside, gave them each a bath. I forgot to give the water before hand and they started drinking the bathwater Anyway, they were good in the bath. Now they're drying with food AND water.. And the litter box I forgot until now

I have a terrible problem.
My sis only named ONE kitten(not the problem), and she named him Teddy. Problem: They said he was sick, and when I got him, he didn't look sick to me. He looked like his eyes wasn't fully-developed! He doesn't seem to know how to close the top part of his eyes, but closes the bottom of it all the time. I'm afraid that his inner-eye lids are not there That fear was given to me because I'm linking to someone Web site whos two kittens have that problem. I really hope it isn't that serious. But I'm afraid it might be. It cost that person 1k per eye to be recontructed. There's no way I can get that! I'm still trying to get money for 4 kittens shots, and more money for TWICE as much flea-products. Since I doubt that I'll be able to afford all that, I'm sure my vet will want him euthanized. I'm scared that my sister will take it pretty hard if it comes to that. I was going to keep it just for her until it got older so she could have him back :(

Minor Problem:
Ok, I can tell for sure that 2 are boys, and 1 is a girl. But geez, this one with the 'problem', I can't tell! It's not as developed and far back as the boys, but not as close(ahem) as the girl. How on earth do I tell now?? :shock:
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