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Kitty and the Candy Cane (just "mew"sing)

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You all are going to think this is silly. So I just got home from work, did the usual nightly routine of taking off the jacket, picking up Pinky, Kissing her, Kissing the fiance and talking about work. Well, I had someone give me a jolly rancher candycane today and was munching on that. Pinky wanted some too. And, well, didn't hesitate to try to eat one end while I was eating the other. I held onto the candycane for enough time to snap a picture (will attach to thread)

It got me wondering, what funny stories do you guys have of cats and them trying to eat human food?

PS: No, she didn't get any of the candy :p after the picture I put her on the ground.


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I was sitting at the computer (last summer) eating a lemon ice cream cone. Mia got up on the C desk and decided to lick the oppisite side of mine. It was so qute. I wish I had a picture. This is the only human food she has ever wanted. She sniffs others but always sticks her nose up and turns away. I know, not normal. lol
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