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Its been about a month since we got Captain Nero and Tobay and I decided its time fr an update!

When we got Tobay (2 days after Nero) we ran into a problem that Tobay treated Nero like he was the devil incarnate and refused to have anything to do with him. This went on for about a week and a half during which we were subjected to Tobays aggressive play tactics.

Nero who did not want to be denied would follow Tobay trilling at him at every opportunity. Eventually his tactic worked and Tobay started ever so slowly to play with him. It is great to watch. Nero has so much fur he cant feel Tobay biting or scratching at him. But however that did not mean Nero was blind to how rough Tobay tried to play. And so Nero introduced play time intervention. EVERYTIME Nero thinks Tobay is being too rough (and he is always right) he grabs Tobay's head and bites him on the nose. This usually results in Tobay letting loose a howl of pure rage and running off to sulk. Nero will get up, sit and wait for Tobay to return (which he always does) and they begin to play again. Needless to say over the past 2 and a half weeks or so Tobay playing manners have greatly improved.

About 2 weeks ago I rehomed my 9y/o dog Sirrus because he was miserable and depressed. He went to live with mom again and couldnt be happier. Well our other dog Kyra is starting to show signed of lonlyness. And as a result has started looking towards Tobay and Nero as something to play with. She started showing her interest by play bowing Tobay, whining at him, and when that didnt work she "bahhed him" (Opened her mouth and inserted a body part in there) But alas that still didnt work. Tobay wound up wet and confused from being covered in slobber but no play time for Kyra.

But yesterday there was a breakthrough! Sitting in a chair Tobay came and laid next to me. Kyra came up, and once again tried the same tactic but this time with a different twist. She nibbled his tail.

It was on!

At first Tobay went after her in irritation (he doesnt like his tail being "grabbed" something we are working on) then it was just pure play, Tobay going after her with kitty paws (no nails extended) and Kyra making a game out of which body part to "nibble" on. Tobay "bit" her a couple times but since his lessons with Nero they are a lot gentler and Kyra has skin folds so it didnt take much to get something in his mouth.

Over all things are doing great with them.

here are a couple pictures of Kyra and Tobay playing.

"Got your tail!"

"Got your face!"
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