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kitty food - wet vs. dry

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so i've read a few threads here about which cat foods are good and whatnot but i'd like to get a concensus on another related issue. a friend of mine told me that she used to feed her kitten wet food but that she weened her off of it and now only feeds her wet food every once in a while. my cats go crazy at feeding time, mewing and running around and they're eager to gobble up mostly anything i give them. and my vet told me that in their first year i should feed them as much as they want to eat as they're still growing. so now i'm caught in the middle. i don't doubt my friend's advice as she's a very knowledgable when it comes to animals, and i don't doubt my vet either, but i'd like to do right by my kitties... i'd prefer not to feed them wet food as it'll make their litter box a lot more manageable (in more ways than one) but i don't want to starve the poor cats either... any thoughts on this would be appreciated. tia...
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I'm sure after reading everything you have, your a bit more then confused. :)
But that's ok.

An important thing, is to never take the advice of someone blindly, be it your sister, or your vet. Though sure, at times they might be right.

When selecting a diet, there are many things to consider, but past all the facts and here say, this is what it comes down to, and only you can answer these questions about your cat.

1.) Does your cat enjoy its food? (should be yes)

2.) Is your cat over weight from eating? (should be no)

3.) Does your cat have any problems stemmed from eating it's food? (should be no)

4.) Does your cat look as healthy as it could ever be? (should be yes)

If you answered the opposite to any one of these questions, then yes it's time to think about a possible food change, or feeding style. If you answered correctly to all of them, then I wouldn't worry, and continue to do the good job you have been doing. :)
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