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kitty food - wet vs. dry

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so i've read a few threads here about which cat foods are good and whatnot but i'd like to get a concensus on another related issue. a friend of mine told me that she used to feed her kitten wet food but that she weened her off of it and now only feeds her wet food every once in a while. my cats go crazy at feeding time, mewing and running around and they're eager to gobble up mostly anything i give them. and my vet told me that in their first year i should feed them as much as they want to eat as they're still growing. so now i'm caught in the middle. i don't doubt my friend's advice as she's a very knowledgable when it comes to animals, and i don't doubt my vet either, but i'd like to do right by my kitties... i'd prefer not to feed them wet food as it'll make their litter box a lot more manageable (in more ways than one) but i don't want to starve the poor cats either... any thoughts on this would be appreciated. tia...
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As long as you're making sure the your cat is getting enough dry food, it shouldn't be starving. I free feed most of my cats, rarely have I had a problem with a cat over eating. Generally, a healthy well cared for cat won't over eat. There are always exceptions to that rule though! I've found out through my rescue work that cats that have been deprived of food often over eat-I guess they're afraid that they might not always have food available.
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