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Kitty off her food

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Mouse came into heat yesterday and at the same time she's lost her appitite.

would this be because she's come into heat?

we've had her 2 months and this is the first time she's gone into heat since being with us. she's now 8 months old. she's drinking water

we're keeping her in and as soon as thr vets reopen we're going to get her booked in to be 'done'

should i be worried?

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Are you 100% sure she went off her food? Kyra loses interest while she is presenting and screaming, but she does eat when in season. Perhaps she is only eating when you are not around? Key's food intake slows a bit. Try offering her something just TOO good to turn down. Usually that works for key to eat, and also distracts her for a bit.
she normally eats approx 200gm wet food and a little dry (half am, half pm) but for the past few days shes hardly had anything. i'd say not even 75gm.

she's had a few dreamies but i have also offered her meat sticks which hshe's turned her nose up at.

she's booked into the vet, but the first appointment we could get is monday. i've weighed her, so i can monitor her. she's skinny as it is, only 7lb
Pawhawhaw! Sorry, not laughing at you, just the idea of a cat that is skinny at 7lbs. Kyra is fat @ 7lbs. She is a small kitty. :3

Are you weighing her food before and and after putting it down for her? Could she be nibbling the kibble while you are not watching? Also, WOW! Monday! Is that for the spay or her not eating? Did you tell the vet she isn't eating as far as you can tell? That should have made them see you sooner. o.o

I know it is terrible for her, but under the circumstances, I feel it will be alright if you offer her a half tin to a full tin of tuna. Maybe that will entice her to eat?

What are dreamies? o.o
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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