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Kitty vomits everyday!!!

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Hello kitty lovers!

My Ginfis is 11 months old kitty. Last 3 days, she vomited every day! Firstly just a little bit. But today she vomited all what she had eaten.

She is as active as before. She wants to play all the time, go out all the time. She wants to eat right after she vomits too.

She is eating the Science Plan (dry food) for kittens, but at the beginning of this week I bought her Science Plan for adult kitties and started to mix it with her kitten science plan.

Can she vomit because of this "transition" time? I see that she likes adult science plan better than the one for kittens. She doesnt want to eat the kitten one so much.

I did not let her out since she started vomiting, but she just keeps vomiting everyday.
Why could that be?
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There can be many reasons for vomiting: drink too much water after eating, eat too quickly and swallow air, hairballs or eating plants/grass---especially at this time of year (printemps) when the hair is dropped because of the longer days of light. Most grain-free canned cat foods are better for the cat than dry foods (especially if they include grains such as corn, wheat, barley, rice, soy).
Here's an excellent article in English on cat nutrition and other subjects
Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition :: healthy cat diet, making cat food, litter box, cat food, cat nutrition, cat urinary tract health

or in French: translations/Feeding Your Cat - French PDF.pdf
Anytime I hear of a young cat vomiting everything she eats, my first thought is foreign body obstruction. Young, playful cats sometimes swallow parts of toys or other inedible objects that get stuck in their intestinal tracts, disallowing any food from passing. Because the food can't get past the obstruction, it comes back up the way it went in - by vomiting. Since this vomiting has been going on for three days already, I recommend you get her to a vet immediately for evaluation. Hopefully it's nothing more than tummy upset caused by the new food, but if it's an actual obstruction, she needs immediate veterinary intervention to remove the object.

Thank you for your replies! I will read the article. It seems interesting.

Since Saturday I switched Ginfis back to her kitten food. She is doing fine. she did not throw up since Saturday morning but I gave her more food than usually yesterday and she ate it all and actually threw up a little bit this morning. I let the food outside for the night so she finished it during the night. Hungry kitty!

I called my vet and she advised me to give Ginfis smaller portions for next 2-3 days and observe her. If she will throw up I should bring her for check up.
I would also suggest you watch her stools closely for the next few days for changes in color, consistancy, odor, blood etc. Hope she's feeling better. GL B
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