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kitty went for a ride down the stairs last night

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we keep 2 cheap cat cubes we got at walgreens in the hallway upstairs. the kitties like to go in there or the tunnel with their toys after we go to bed and play for a while. Last night, my hubby called from the living room for me to go look where the cat cubes were..they were at the bottom of the stairs! He said he saw Squeek running away from there. When I went to look from upstairs, i saw Lickorish about halfway down the stairs, looking down. Not sure if she was involved too or if she went to see what the commotion was. At least everyone was ok. They've tumped the cubes on their sides before, but never moved it far enough to actually slide down the stiars. We've left them at the bottom of the stairs for now.
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Oh gosh if they tumbled down the stairs in the cube they must have been terrified... poor things. hope they are feeling ok today.
That is so funny... cat bobsled! (I truly hope they are ok!) But I have this image in my head of your cat sledding down the stairs! hehe!
Thanks..everyone is ok and still just as mischievous. Squeek was dumping the cube over again today (while she was in it), but now its all at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't really want those ugly things in my dining room though, but until I can find a better way to secure them, I guess they'll stay there for now.
Our cats may be smart, but let's face it, often they are not all that bright.
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