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So we brought my little kitty to the vet today. He was scared at first, but adjusted pretty well once we got inside the examination room. It's confirmed, it's a boy! Now we're thinking of a name for him, we registered him under the name "Bandit" because of his sneakiness, but we're hoping to change it to something else.

So the vet (who was very friendly and informative) did a complete check up on kitty, i told him how i suspected how he might have a minor URI and the doctor checked that out. So the kitty was given this gel for his eyes to reduce the discharge since there is no sign of infection in the lungs. After that, we mentioned how kitty's stool is sloppy and the vet wants us to bring back a stool sample as soon as possible to check for worms. Kitty had to be held off for food until 8:30 in the evening to give the bowel some rest.

After the check up, I asked the vet if he could show me how to trim the claws and he did, they are a lot less sharp now (and less painful too!). In the end, he got his shot, and kitty didn't even realize it!

Hope kitty is looking forward to his next appointment! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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