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Laser pointer blues.

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Why, oh why, can't I find a laser pointer that lasts more than 5 minutes!? And it doesn't matter whether it's cheap or just. doesn't. LAST! Does anyone have a laser pointer that they recommend that lasts more than 5 minutes? And it's not always the batteries. We've gotten laser pointers (usually the more expensive ones) that have had extra batteries. When the pointer died, we would replace the batteries. Again, five minutes later...death of laser pointer.
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no clue, I bought a few of the el cheapo ones at wal-mart. for like $2.50 comes with extra batteries. Its the one you find while standing in line (looks like a key chain with a small flashlight). got it because 3 batteries alone cost 5 bucks :p . Been using one for over a week now and not used the extra batteries yet, but I know some batteries don't last. for me it's actually cheaper to buy another cheap pointer for the 6 batteries then the other way and just toss em in a drawer til one of the pointers dies.
I've always bought my lasers at Dollarland for a buck and a quarter; little tinny things with several shape changers for the tip. The trouble is that it's hard to get the batteries (a buck and a quarter for five and the laser only takes three). I tried to find one that uses AAA's but to no avail.
I love the ones from Family Dollar. They are definitely not a case of you get what you pay for, those little $1 pointers last me about three months compared to the more expensive Target ones that die right away.
Why, oh why, can't I find a laser pointer that lasts more than 5 minutes!?
I say that about most things these days (appliances, laser pointers, etc). Sad, but true. Quality has gone waaaay downhill over the last 10+ years. Most things you buy now are disposable....even if they were expensive!

Sorry, had to vent.
I have bought the ones from PetSmart. They usually last about a month until they start dying out. I've also bought some online really cheap through DealExtreme, they last about the same.
I got ours at PetSmart, and it works fine after a couple years. When it comes to batteries, check Amazon. I found 100 of those laser pointer batteries for about $12. We should live so long, right? :)
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