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I can see your concern, I know if I were to walk into a vets office and have them tell me "I don't know whats wrong with your cat, but here's an injection, maybe it will clear up." That would not be accepted.
Did they run any tests at all on your cats? If they didn't they should have. Bowel problems are tricky as so many things can cause them.

I must agree with Dr. Jean, re the Pepto-Bismol. Did your vet give you an explination as to why they recommened the pepto? It's entirely possible that doctor didn't know better, or was under the beliefe that Pepto was ok to give.

About the food however, sometimes you'll have to try 3 different brands or so, to find one your cat likes, and to find one that works well for them.
It takes an average of 1-3 months to see the full effect a food will have on your cats. This includes everything, skin/coat, eyes, claws, stools, behavior you name it. Some cats are sensitive to high quantities of meat protein. Good luck trying to narrow everything down!

(edit): If you have not opened that new bag of food yet, perhaps you could donate it to a rescue?
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