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Liquid Meds

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Hi there =)
I took Mochi to get his teeth cleaned yesterday and they had to do an extraction because of a decayed tooth due to moderate gingivitis.

Now the vet gave him liquid antibiotics which I am having a hard time giving him orally. I tried to soak a few kibble pieces with the antibiotic and he ate them! Is this ok to administer liquid meds by soaking kibble in it?

Thank you in advance!
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Which antibiotic is it? Some can be given with food, and some can not.
It's Clindamycin, thank u!!
Ugh. Liquid clindamycin should be outlawed. It is EXTREMELY foul tasting. I'm amazed that your cat would eat it soaked into kibbles. I won't even attempt to give liquid clinda to any of my cats. I give clinda in pill form only. In fact, one of the vet clinics I use won't even prescribe liquid clinda because neither the vets nor their clients can get cats to swallow the horrible stuff.

But back to your question. Administering clinda with food is fine.

Oh my, i didn't even know its foul tasting. Mochi was such a trooper yesterday when I tried to let him lick it off my finger. He tried a little bit and walked away, now I know why! Maybe i will also mix it with a little bit of his wet food so that it can mask more of the bad taste.

thank you for your reply Laurie, I really appreciate it!
I've had some success mixing liquid meds with chicken-flavor baby food (just chicken and water, no onion, of course) for our Othello. But those particular meds were more cherry-flavored and less downright foul-tasting, so that may or may not work for you and Mochi.
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