Are you looking for the perfect gift for a cat parent in your life, or maybe even for yourself and your kitty? It’s worth checking out the many high-tech products from Litter-Robot, all of which are designed to make your life easier when it comes to caring for your feline companion.

Below are some of the top items offered by Litter-Robot. Perhaps one of these will be the ideal way to show someone how much you care about them this holiday season.

Litter-Robot 4

Cat Plant Felidae Carnivore Grey

Scooping a litter box every day isn’t fun, and your kitty definitely doesn’t appreciate it when his litter box is dirty. The good news is that, with the Litter-Robot 4 (the latest version of the Litter-Robot), you won’t have to worry about scooping the box because it will do it for you. It’s even designed to reduce odors and tracking.

This compact, WiFi-enabled self-cleaning litter box has a host of attractive features that can impress the cat parent on your list this year. Basically, it will sense every time your cat uses the box and then get to work cleaning the litter so waste falls into a drawer at the bottom of the unit. When it’s full, simply remove the liner and add a new one. Plus, with the Whisker app, you can track litter box usage and the amount of waste and litter in the box.

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Litter-Robot 3 Connect

White Cat Plant Carnivore Flowerpot

Another great option when it comes to self-cleaning litter boxes is the Litter-Robot 3 Connect, which is more affordable than the Litter-Robot 4. Shortly after your kitty leaves the box, the globe will rotate to remove waste and deposit it in a drawer below. Carbon filters help keep odors at bay.

Like the Litter-Robot 4, this box is built with your pet’s safety in mind, and it’s designed to be easy for cats to get in and out of. Also, even though it might look a lot bigger than traditional litter boxes, its footprint is similar to a standard box. And you can use the Whisker app to get notifications and track activity.

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Vertebrate Carnivore Cat Felidae Mammal

When you can’t be home to feed your cat, an automatic feeder can give you peace of mind. The Feeder-Robot is Wi-Fi-enabled and can hold up to 32 cups of dry food. You can set your pet’s meal schedule to ensure he is fed the right portions at the right times of the day and night, and you can even use it to give your kitty a snack in between meals.

Other nice features include a tamper-resistant lid, chew-resistant power cord, and anti-jam technology. You can also use the Whisker app to check the amount of food in the unit and monitor your pet’s eating habits.

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Premium Cat Litter For Litter-Robot

Cat Felidae Carnivore Small to medium-sized cats Whiskers

If you’re planning on buying the Litter-Robot for yourself or someone else, consider getting the Premium Cat Litter that is designed to work well with the box. And you can further simplify things with the convenience of a subscription.

Each bag holds 20 pounds of natural sodium bentonite clay litter that clumps tightly and quickly and doesn’t contain any additives. It is low dust and low tracking, and it doesn’t have any perfumes but can help control odor. Plus, it has a soft texture that should feel good on a kitty’s paws.

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Cat Orb

Wood Headgear Hat Metal Chair

There are a lot of ways to make a pet’s environment fun and interesting. Cat trees are a popular choice for kitties of all ages, but they often clash with the rest of your décor and aren’t exactly stylish. Well, with the Cat Orb, you can give a gift that’s sure to please any cat parent and their frisky feline because it has features that will appeal to both of them.

Designed to be chic and cozy, this product boasts a sphere that’s made of woven water hyacinth, and sits on a tall wood base that has a dark espresso finish. A kitty can jump into the sphere from the top and front, and he can use it to observe what’s going on around him or nap for hours while feeling secure.

Limited time only: Add a Cat Orb to your purchase of any Litter-Robot unit or bundle for only $39! (Terms and conditions apply.)

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Shop Litter-Robot for the Holidays!

As you can see, Litter-Robot offers a range of unique products for pets and the people who love them. If you have someone on your holiday list who could use one of the high-quality items from this brand, now is the right time to shop. Take advantage of their special offer of up to $75 off bundles so you can save while giving a gift that’s modern, useful, and cat-approved.