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I am having some difficulties with my cat using her litter tray. I have had her since August and there have been no issues until recently. She will use the litter tray for her urine, however refuses to use it for her poo. She will do it in the room where the litter tray is (the toilet room) however will do it on the tiled floor rather than in the tray. She has never ventired outside of the room and done it on the carpet in the hall.

I have tried moving her litter tray around the room, and this has not made any difference. We have not changed the litter we use - it is the same as that they used at the animal shelter we got her from.

Can anyone have any ideas around why this could be a problem. I am concerned about whether it is a medical issue rather than an environmental.

We have recently started feeding her meat as well as the dried food complete food. This has been because she has been having dandruff problems. Could this be a contributory cause.

Please give advice as I am unsure what to do next.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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