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Hello everyone,

My senior cat, Andy, was a bit yellow on Monday. The vet said his liver was small and blood work showed very off liver levels. Andy stayed for 2 days of IV hydration to flush his system and run blood again. It looked worse than before. They sent Andy home with a poor prognosis (cancer, cirrhosis?) but planned a recheck this coming Monday.

He ate a bit when he got home and he was lovey but lethargic. He was very stressed from the vet so I figured he was more exhausted than anything. Today he won’t purr, won’t eat and just wants to be left alone.

Andy was basically a feral stray when I found him. He’s lived as a feral housecat - very skittish, terrified of everyone but me, scared of anything outside his norm.

Do I leave him here where he’s comfortable and feels safe until our schedule appointment on Monday? Do I take him to the emergency vet to put him down (I only hesitate because there is a considerable wait where he’ll be scared/miserable in a kennel for hours)?

Does liver failure take them this quickly?

I understand he won’t get better, I’m only trying to do what is best for him and let him go in the most comfortable way.

Thank you for all suggestions ❤
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