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A fair amount of people, including myself, are a little hesitant to feed large amounts of liver. What is considered a large amount will vary from person to person. So we will look at what it will take to O/D your cat on vitamin A.

The AAFCO recommends the maximum consumption of vitamin A to be 750,000IU's per kilogram of food on a dry matter basis. Liver has a dry matter basis of 23.54%

1 kilogram= 2.2lbs which is 23.54% of 9.35lbs. 9.35lbs equals 149.6oz of total food.

The average cat may eat 5oz of food a day. 149.6/5= about 30 days of food.
5oz of liver contains 15,731 IU's of Vitamin A. 15,731x30= 471,930IU's of vitamin A

If a cat ate nothing but liver for a month they would still be under the maximum amount. It would actually take 47 meals, at 5oz a meal, to reach 750,000. But the 47 meals would equal to about 14.68lbs of food. Which comes to about 1.5 kilograms converting it using liver DM.

So it seems, if my math is correct, that someone would really need to go out of their way to O/D a cat on vitamin A. Possibly feed nothing but liver and cod liver oil. Or maybe adding a vitamin A supplement along with liver. IMO feeding nothing but liver over a very long period time will O/D them.

In reality if you use the rough guidelines of the prey model diet you will be fine. Even if you go a little over. This was just show what it would take to reach those maximum levels.
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