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London’s Postal Museum Seeking Picture Perfect Postal ***** Cats

Used as mice catchers back in the day, England’s Postal Museum is paying homage to that tradition, and is looking for official poster kittehs.
Cats as official mousers have long been used in the U.K.; just look at 10 Downing Street, The Treasury, and the Foreign Office. All have official mousers, and the Parliament has been campaigning for some of their own cats as well.

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The last cat who worked in the Postal Service in an official capacity was Blackie, who retired in 1984 when the organization switched to rodent-proof plastic bags. Blackie’s mentor was the famous Tibs the Great, who worked at headquarters for 14 years and garnered himself an official salary!

The Postal Museum wants to bring cats back into the picture and is looking for twelve cats to become Postal Museum Cats. Each cat will serve for a month, though the duty is ceremonial and will allow the cats to tele-commute from the comfort of their kitty posts in their homes. Their main function will be looking totes adorbs on the Museum website, and based on the pics we’ve seen on their Instagram Application #jobsfurcats, Postal Museum workers are going to have a hard time choosing!

Here are some of our faves!

These kittehs are already poster-perfect!

A mouser who sleeps on the job may not be the best fit….

That focus…that drive…that cat hat style!

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Applying for a position and showing how it fits you so well? Big bonus points!

And then there’s this cat. Who clearly has no f$*# to give about being a postal cat or mouser or anything of any sort that would require moving. #ourfavorite
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