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Hi my name is Toria and I'm from the UK. Hope you don't mind me joining in as I'm the proud first time owner of a Tabby cat called Tillie who is 4yrs old.
When I first saw Tillie on a UK rescue website I though 'that's the cat for me'. I've had her now for 5 weeks and I absolutely adore her. I've been very lucky as Tillie has taken to me from the word go and has settled down into her new surroundings. Tillie is a rather large lady as in her previous home she lived under a wardrobe for the past 4 months because she was frightened of a new puppy that the owners had bought. Now she is loosing weight just through being more active which is great.
I think this wesite is very imformative. I shall look forward to be putting my questions forward and hopefully answering some of yours.
Best wishes to you all.
Toria p.s. will forward pictures of Tillie soon

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Hello, welcome to the Cat Forum! I'm sure that Tillie is happy that you saw her on that website and decided to adopt her. I'm glad that she is in a better environment where she can exercise, play, and relax. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of her. :D There are many kind and wonderful people here--and we're happy to have one more. Welcome! >>>(
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