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Long Day....

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My husband took this picture of me......great! :roll:
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Lori - Everytime I crash on the couch/bed, he jumps and assume the spooning position*LOL* My husband gets jealous when he actually nudges my husband's arms away and tries to get in between! :D Hey, Sid and Velvet could be cousins?

Ianthe - That day was just tiring...I had been on the go since 6 that was about 10pm when that picture got taken. *LOL* I am not that young anymore... *Sigh*
kitkat - Yeah...we had an awesome nap....apparently we were out for a few husband neglected to wake us up! *LOL* But it was great.. he did the dishes!

kristi - Thank you! :) You babies are beautiful as well! fact, all kitties are, aren't they? *Sigh*
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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