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Looking for a cerain scratching post

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In 2009 I got this scratching post. Pictures/newscratchingpost.jpg

Its the kind that you lean against a square wall post. So that it fits in the groove. But i dont have that kind of set i just have mine leaning against a flat wall.

Its 25in tall. I forgot how wide it is. :fust

I want to get a new one before i leave for my trip in 2 weeks.
So i went to Petsmart yesterday and they did not have this type of post. The last time i went there...they had one. I dont remember when that was though.

So today my mom went to PetCo and she called me to explain what they had for posts. They didnt have the one i have either. So i went on there website and mom showed me one of the ones they had in the store...

They had this one>

That is 36in tall. Its all carpet.

I am looking for the post i have with a cardboard scratch..

Look what happend to mine: Pictures/post1.jpg

You can see on the sides how ripped up they are! Pictures/post2.jpg Pictures/post3.jpg

Is there a way i can fix this? Does anyone know where i can get this kind of post?

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You can see on the sides how ripped up they are!
We can see the culprit in there too!
Is there a way i can fix this?
I'm in the middle of repairing the first of four old posts. I'm removing the old covering (carpet) and replacing it with sisal rope.

Long ago, I bookmarked a thread from here - it's what I used as the basis of my "renovation project". Perhaps it might help you.

I will be using a glue gun to attach the rope....or, at least that's the plan!

Sorry, no pics though.
Thanks stryker... i will take a look at the link.

My cats dont like the rope. i have another post in another room that has the rope on it. They dont use that one. they only like the all carpet kind or the one with the cardboard one.

i can get replacements for the cardboard...but not the post itself. :(
I know some people on here who have made their own cat trees and attach the carpet with a staple gun. Perhaps you can remove the carpeting and switch it out and reattach it with the staple gun.
I've got my own word for that: It got "catilated." :lol:
Added to thecatsaurus. :wink:
I bought this for my gang. Grreat Choice® Triangle Carpeted Cat Scratcher - Cat - Sale - PetSmart

they love it, and it's kinda similar to yours, except for the triangle shape.
Thank you beckie....ive seen that one at petsmart and its to small. Its 16in tall. Mine is 25in tall.

They like to have a tall one to stretch on.
I found this on Amazon. It looks like it has another part than what yours has but I'm sure your cats would like it....

Thank you Kty78. That looks good. I'll have to think about that one!
Wednesday im going to PetCo to see what they have..maybe they will have something like that.

Im leaving for new orleans next week. So i cant place any orders right now. I'll have to order when i get back i guess. :)
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