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Hi folks,

I'm 27 and moving from NY to NC later this year. When I get there I'd like to get a new cat/kitten or two. I'm here because I'd like to do it all right the first time and have quick and easy access to advice.

Growing up I lived in a dog household but my best friend was a cat house. I work fulltime as a paramedic which means, usually, I'm gone for 24 straight hours 2 days a week. This makes a cat far more practical and it is a far more common pet for people in my field.

Currently I'm looking into purebreds for 2 reasons. I love the appearance of some of the interesting breeds such as the Savannah or Bengal and also I appreciate the simplicity of a cat who will have a more well defined behavior-set. For a first time cat owner this level of predetermination is comforting as I don't know how well I'd handle a "difficult case". I also love the look of the british shorthairs and maine *****.

That said, the thought of adopting a pair of kittens who have an otherwise bleak future does give a warm and fuzzy feeling. I particularly like the look of calicos DSH type cats.

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