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hi im Sue and I live with my 9 year old daughter. We have a handsome boy called Indi who is 9 months old. He has been getting very frustrated and lonely so I decided to get him a little play mate. Inka arrived 3 days ago and she is a pretty 8 week old.

I kept Inka seperated in my bathroom for 24 hours. I gave Indi the blanket that she travelled in so he could smell her. The next day I tried to put Inka in a little pen in the livingroom. Indi was very interested. A bit of hissing from him but more curious than anything. However Inka was beside herself. Very frightened and tried to get out of the pen. I found it so distressing I decided to call it a day and put her back in the bathroom. I have let Inka have a play on her own in the livingroom and she seems to be settling nicely.

Today, (day 3) I tried to introduce them in our hallway. At either end I gave them some tuna and we slowly moved the dishes a little closer. There was growling from the kitten but nothing more. Indi was very patient and seemed to want to smell her and play. He went to tap her with no claws and then he smelled her. He then lay down on the floor and did a little roll next to her. She got a bit scared when he went to sniff her again and hissed at him. She went to run away and Indi followed her. She turned and hissed again. I decided that this was enough for today and seperated them again.

Do you think I am doing this too quickly and is Inka going to be ok? I have found lots of info about the resident cat not liking the new one but not so much about the other way round. Indi has been lying on the floor by the bathroom door. He seems very calm but I dont want to scare Inka too much.

I would very much appreciate anyones advice

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