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Looking for cat chew treat

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I'm looking for a cat chew treat. Something like the way a dog will chew on raw hide. I tried these "N-Bone Cat Chew Treat" but he didn't do much with it. The inredients are pretty bad.. soy protein, wheat gluten, corn gluten meal, chicken meal. But it was just as a chew treat not much part of his diet so I wasn't too worried.

Any suggestions. I use freeze dried chicken as hi treat but I'm looking for something chewable to keep him busy for a while sometimes.
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My Pumpkin is incredibly destructive, so I buy her loofah chew toys from petsmart. They're not really a treat, but they do keep her busy ripping them apart for quite a long time. And when she starts to chew on things around the house (she thinks she's a puppy) we can distract her with one of those.

We also bought her a moppy toy (KONG Moppy Kickeroo Catnip Toy - Catnip - Toys - PetSmart) which she ripped to shreds within a week. She had so much fun just pulling out all the string bits. Luckily she doesn't eat them, just rips them out.
I would try jerky for dogs. I give my guys duck breast jerky and if you refrigerate it... it gets pretty darn chewing. It takes them some gnawing to get through it.
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