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Loosing my best friend

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I have joined this forum for some friendly cat owners advise. Ponch is 14 and have had him since a kitten. He's my best friend. Devastating news today as I have found out he has a spindlecell sarcoma in his paw. The vet has said it could be reomoved but the likelyhood is it will grow back. The second option is amputation, Poncho has the onset of arthritus un his rear end and has a cat 4 heart murmour.. My dog has 3 legs believe it or not after having the same problem in his rear lega dn is doing great.. but I am concerned with Poncho and his other problems that amputation is not the right thing.. The vet has said I could leave the growth and let it runs it's course and when Poncho starts to suffer can bring him in to be put to sleep. Any advise or anyone been through this before please ..
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I havent been through it before (and pray I never will) But I know that I myself would not want my cat to suffer, so that being said, if the vet could tell me he wouldnt suffer after the surgery except for recovery I would do it. But if after the surgery he would be in pain....I would have him put to sleep....Its the reasonable thing to do. I am very sorry to hear about this though and hope things work out for the best for you
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