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Trap Advice

We are desperately trying to trap our cat who got out on Wednesday morning at about 3 am. He came around the next night and ate about half a can of food on the porch. He ran away when we opened the door. He didn’t come the next night, but did come again last night. Yesterday evening we put out a trap with a heated food bowl with canned food in it on the porch. He came up and sniffed the food bowl from outside the trap, but ended up walking away after a few minutes (we’re not sure where because the camera cut out). It’s snowing and freezing out and will be dropping below zero in a few days. I read not to trap in the winter because it’s not safe, but would it be ok with security motion activated cameras with loud notifications and is right inside?

What can we do to catch him? We thought he would be hungry enough after 48 hours to go in the trap, but we had no luck. Those who trap- please help!
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