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Lots of questions

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Hey guys. This is my very first post. I am so psyched to find a forum like this to discuss my cat. I'm 24, and I've grown up always having dogs. My parents still have my dog Kelsey, who is 12 now. Four years ago, I got a cat, who I named Andie (after Andy Pettitte former Yankee, now Astro **** it!). She is such a doll. VERY funny and totally spoiled.
Anyways, I have several questions about things she does, that kinda confuse me. Perhaps you can all help me out.
First off, she is obsessed with the smell of BLEACH! What is that about? Whenever I clean the bathroom, or clean the counters with Clorox spray, she meows and then rolls on the counter or the floor (wherever the bleach was). I dont get it at all... anyone ever heard of this?
Also, lately, at night, when she is wandering around in between sleep sessions, I sometimes hear her whining, rather loudly. I wonder if she is sick, or upset. I recently got my own place in September. Before this, I lived with my roomie and her dog, and before that, I lived with my parents and our dog. So, I am wondering if she is a little lonely. Although during the day, she is her normal self.
Ok, and last question... when I am walking through the living room, she often hides behind something and then jumps out and attacks my legs! And its gotten to the point where she is aggresive about it! I think she's playing... but I dont get that. I just squirt her with a water bottle and she runs away. LOL.
So, sorry bout the long post.. can anyone help me out? :oops:
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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Here's a post on bleach:

Doesn't explain why they do it, but at least you're not alone.

Cats are nocturnal and do strange things at night. Mine meow, run around, and act rediculous every night.

When I only had one cat, she'd do the same thing. I would play back.. get on all fours and stalk her the same way. It was a lot of fun. It sounds like Andie is doing it because she's bored. She probably did the same kind of stuff to the dogs she knew. When I got my second cat, she stopped playing those games with me... even when I try to initiate the play.

So all you have to do to solve your problem is get another cat. :wink:
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