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Without a doubt, I love my cats.
There's still no denying that they can be little gremlins though.
Honestly, one of the first things I said when we got our first cat, Rilla, was:
I can't believe people get married when they could just get a cat!
My parents looked a little scandalized, but don't worry, it's because they know it's true ;))

Rilla is a long-haired cat of some breed that I'm not quite certain of, but that's ok. His name is gorilla without the go, named by my beloved older sister. She isn't a huge fan of cats, so out of pity, we let her name him.
She immediately said Dog, claiming that it would be a testament to what could have been.
Needless to say, we did not name our cat Dog.

Our second cat's name is Soongi. She's a tiny little gray kitten who can literally jump for her stick toy for hours. It's insane. If I had that kind of energy, I would be out of highschool in minutes.
Soongi comes from wonsoongi, the korean word for monkey.
It was a joke at first, trying to keep the monkey them between the cats, but the way she jumps and climbs and literally falls of heights that are four times the size of her vertically makes me think she really is a monkey in disguise.

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