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Hi All,

We have a home with 3 very different cats (plus a dog). All of our kitties have tuxedo coloring. 2 from a litter of strays (male (Hoppy) and female (Spaz) - both 14 years) and a stray persian mix (male (Freckles) - 13 years). All of them came to us as kittens. They all live indoors, and for the most part get along. We have an 7' kitty condo for them and their food is kept up away from the dog.

We moved from NY to GA 10 years ago. They have adjusted well even in our additional move since living in GA (bigger house).

We love our kitties, but are starting to have issues (Hoppy is losing weight and pees on anything that is left on the floor, table or couch and Freckles gets some of the worst mats. Spaz is just looking old and tends to be feisty). We take our cats to the vet regularly (2x a year) and all are in good health (Freckles is getting a little fat). We have even had additional blood work for Hoppy (check his Thyroid and a full CBC panel) where the vet found him to be healthy, medically speaking. He was stumped about the weight loss. The vet suggested that we feed him more and add some wet food to his. We are doing our best. We just are not sure what to do to stop the peeing (I have been told it is anxiety, but he has been doing it for over a decade, but worse in the last few years). The vet suggested some calming products to try before we consider medicating him. They work a little, but not enough for my liking. For freckles, we felt bad doing it, but took him to a specialized groomer to have him trimmed for the summer (the only time he seems to get really bad mats). He did look funny trimmed like a lion (poor freckles). It did keep away the mats for the entire summer, but I am not sure I could do it to him regularly. Spaz is Spaz. She is lovable to us, but not so much for visitors now (she hides).

We do have a dog (lab mix female named Lily). She is 7 years and pure white - we got her at 11 weeks old. She plays with the cats and they seem to have developed an understanding for the most part. Only the occasional hiss and loud meowing where Lily goes and hides until it subsides.

Overall we believe we provide a loving home for out pets.
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