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Hey guys,

Been lurking for a while, reading all the good advice here, and decided to get a bit more involved. I've got some questions, and I'm sure I can provide some answers as well.

Been a cat owner for about a year and a half now with my current tabby, Ram, who's a few months over two years old. Had cats before that, but took a hiatus for a few years.

He's a big cat, and heavy, but not fat - not yet! A true 'stalker', he'll go after anything - from snakes, to grasshoppers to string to q-tips. I live with my girlfriend in the countryside, and Ram is an indoor/outdoor cat. He's outside alot, but he enjoys the comforts of being in, as well. He's a voracious eater, too. Whatever he kills, he eats - no surprises for me; only a sated cat who walks in and plonks down on the couch.

As with most cats, he's such a huge study in contrasts. All wild, and prickly, with huge dilated pupils one second, and then, five minutes later, he's this sweet furry ball of purring warmth.

Oh, and my name is Jeremy. :)


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