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I was wondering if anyone has experience with Lymphsarcoma in their cat?

My three year old indoor cat, Random, had a biopsy of the lymph nodes yesterday to determine if he is positive for it. Unfortunately I'm waiting on pins and needles for 7-10 days until I get results.

He has always vomited semi-frequently but lately he started to lose a bit of weight. He went from 11.1 pounds to 9.9 pounds. We switched him to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food, but he continued to vomit about every few days. We then had blood work done, which showed an increase in white blood cells/lymphocytes. X-ray showed that his lymph nodes were enlarged and his intestines were somewhat drawn up towards the middle of his abdominal cavity, instead of being evenly distributed throughout. Next step was to have an exploratory done yesteraday, the vet took tissue samples from lymph nodes to test and also his liver just in case he did test positive for lymphoma to see if it had spread any further.

Other than what's mentioned above, he is a healthy cat. He has tons of energy and doesn't appear to be in pain. I originally attributed his weight loss due to the change we made in our cats feeding schedules. We used to leave bowls full of food down all day, and due to one cat being overweight we started to more accurately measure the food we give - only 1/2 cup in the a.m. and 1/2 cup in the p.m. I've occasionally caught him eating really weird things like houseplants, artificial houseplants, bits of carpet,etc.

The vet said it is likely going to turn out to be either lymphoma or else just an irritation in his stomach, I'm obviously praying for the latter. My vet said that if he is lymphoma positive, I should look at a 3-8 month timeframe for survival.

Anyone have advice or words of wisdom? Thank you very much in advance.
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