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What feeding time looks like in the milkhouse:

Blizzard - Siamese Mix
Panther - Black with white spots on neck
Missy - b&w female
Mo - tuxedo cat
Allie - B&W DMH
Storm - White DMH
Buddy - Black DMH
Lynx - brown and white tabby

The straw mow cats at feeding time:

Chester - Gray DLH
Jill - Gray & White DMH
Jack - Large Black DSH
Amiga - Small Black DSH
Haddie - Brown Tabby DMH
Crystal - Silver & White Tabby
Clover - B&W

Meet the cat who is meowing in the background of all the video's - Rajah!

A video featuring Chester and his very polite meows:

If Lynx knew I was posting this video he would kill me...

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Wow, that's the most cats I've ever seen in one place, other than Caboodle Ranch in Florida. You're on a farm, I take it? I love seeing those tails all held high . . .
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