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Maine **** aging... me worried

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My maine ****, Tangerine is the first pet I ever had.

I paid 5 dollars for him thru a local newspaper want-ad.

I was dating a girl I worked with when I adopted him ( he was 2 months old).

Now it is 15 years later, no longer kids, & Tangerine is having a hard time breathing.

We used to take him to the vet for shots & to get fixed.

However , we were young ( and now married) and are embarrassed that he has not seen a vet for the past 7 yrs.

I feel like we HAVE to take Tang to the vet , but my wife is convinced that he is not suffering and if we take him they will put him down.

He has lost a lot of weight.

Maine **** cats are big- he has been big all of his life, but now I can see his lungs working and heart beating thru his fur.

He hardly has an appetite.

This has been going on for approx 6 months.


This is the first pet I have ever had.
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From what I have read so far the owner is the one that makes the decision if their pet should be put down or not. Hopefully you and Tangerine will not be in pain any more ...I wish yo the best. And keep in touch, please
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