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I have an inside outside cat from last one year! He came to my balcony last year . I thought i would just feed him but slowly i got very attached to him. Got him vaccinated for anti rabies and FVRCP. For 1st six months he spent good amount of time at home but from last few months, he seldom stays home. He sleeps outside somewhere i don't know. I have bought bed and toys but still he cries to go outside. I want to give him freedom and don't want to keep him locked without his will. He is doing constant mate calling from last 5 days. Today, he did not come home to eat. I heard him mate calling in the neighbourhood and called him. He came and roamed around in the house and ran away. I gave him tuna but he did not eat much. Is something wrong or it's because of mate calling that he is not even interested in eating?
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