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Me in a nutshell

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Hello! I need some help, lol. Last night while cleaning off my porch I found four kittens. They are just beginning to teeth and they have their eyes and ears open. I brought them inside and tried to feed them. I figured they had to still be nursing and found some kitten formula and a bottle. I tried to feed them and they won't eat. I have been told to not force them and not too EVER give them cow's milk. But I can't let them sit and not eat either. What do I do?! I am not able to put them back outside (certain circumstances prevent it) so that their mother could find them, and she will not come near me so I can't take her into the house and let her nurse.
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Hello! A quick intro to me (not my favorite subject, lol): I am Wiccan, I love all animals but I am closest to cats. My favorite domestic cat is the calico, my favorite wild cat is the black jaguar. My favorite color is green and I like to shoot bow and arrows.

I joined this forum because I recently had some kittens surprise me by showing up on my porch. They have not been weaned and I can't get to the mother as she is feral. I am hoping to find advice and assistance as to their care. Thanks!
I need an Opinion

Ok, I live with my parents and they both hate cats (I have no idea how we could be related because I'm nuts about cats). Ever since my first cat died when I was fifteen (she was seventeen) I have wanted another feline companion, however they have denied me repeatedly. The main reason? They don't want to be stuck with the cat when I leave for college. However, they were quite fine with it when I got a puppy. They I could keep the starling on the condition that I find someone to "babysit" her while I was at college. Is it just me, or should they have made such a condition when I asked for a cat. I miss my cat very much, she was my best friend, and my life long companion. I only want the comfort of a furry friend like the one I had before. :blackcat
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