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Meet Clede!

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This is Clede. He is 8 years old, going on 9 this summer. He was brought to me as an abandoned kitten at about 2 1/2 weeks old. I bottle-fed him, and as a result we've been inseparable ever since. He is named Clede (pronounced Cleed) after my Granddad, who never having a middle name of his own self-proclaimed his middle name to be Cletus. So, that's where the odd name comes from!

He has been with me through everything. I had him growing up through high school, through college, and through the loss of my mother. He has really comforted me through some hard times. He was recently diagnosed with heart disease and hyperthyroidism, so now I am doing my best to comfort and help him. Sharing his photos and stories is helping me through the process. I am really having a hard time coping with the thought of not having him around, not to mention seeing him go through his illness and having it come on so suddenly.. but having him dozing on my lap as I type this and looking at all his great photos make me pretty happy.

Here are a few of millions...

My friends and I made cat cupcakes so naturally I had to make one that looked like him!


Not only is he completely lovable, he can also do tricks! Thus far I've taught him to speak, sit, go in a circle, high-five, and sit up. He will occasionally fetch but he really has to be in the mood. His hobbies include chasing a laser light and "chirping" at birds.. and whenever someone sneezes for some odd reason. He's the best!

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to read about your own!
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Welcome! Another big orange boy, they are the best kitties!
What a beautiful kitty (I already mentioned that in your intro post but he deserves it again). He looks so mellow. He certainly must know you love him very much. Here is wishing Clede the very best of luck. I hope you have the time to keep us posted on how he is doing - I would really appreciate it. Take care :), Chuck
Cllede is a handsome man. I understand the deep bond that you can develop with a bottle baby (we have 3 of them). I hope that he does well with his illnesses and that you have many more hugs and snuggles to come.
Clede is absolutely adorable and I'm very partial to the orange boys. I understand completely how important these kitties are to us. What a cutie!
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