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We recently adopted a black, long haired goofy ball of love. Getting a second cat wasn't on our immediate list of things to do however when we found Cooper we just knew he was the right fit for us.

Cooper is a year old and we're told he was a stray before going to the SPCA, where he spent 5 months. Apparently shelters have issues adopting black cats due to the whole black cat superstitions, so shelters around here are full of them, Cooper having been one of them. However, his shelter run has come to an end. He happily hopped into the carrier and off we went. He didn't make a peep on the almost 2hr drive home.

He has settled right in. He knows he's home. He's into everything, however. I've found him on top of the fridge a few times. He opens cupboard doors to explore their contents (we're getting baby locks to keep him out!). Where I go he goes. He loves to curl up on the couch beside me. He also likes to hangout in his carrier. One thing is for sure, his purr works really well!

Chloe still isn't quite sure what to make of him, though is reacting better than I thought she would. Given her less than cuddly personality I expected her to not take too well to him. The only time she reacts is if he gets too close and even then she just hisses, he backs off and that is that. This morning when he wasn't looking she approached him to sniff him out. Otherwise, she snoozes in her chair and he lays elsewhere. She still comes for her cuddles when she wants them, is still eating like normal. If she weren't I'd be more concerned. Cooper gets locked in the bathroom at night so she can have some time to eat without him pestering her (he is always at her dishes) and because he can't have wet food right now. We also separate them at night or when we're gone for long periods of time just incase it goes south with them since they're still adjusting. When they're out together during the day while one of us is here they're doing well.

Otherwise, Chloe is doing well. She wants cuddles and snuggles on her terms. She will let you know when she's ready for them. Try to pet her when she doesn't want you to? She'll let you know to back off. She still doesn't like to be picked up. And unfortunately she still isn't fixed. I know it's not ideal but I lost my job earlier this year which obviously lead to a huge financial strain. Vets around here are upwards of $350 to spay a cat, which I haven't had. I tried to get some assistance from spay programs however I was declined. I am working now so we're saving to get her spayed ASAP. And yes, Cooper is fixed otherwise we wouldn't have brought him home.

Anyway, there's our update! I'll post pics of Cooper once I am able to get some. Right now he's too focused on being glued to me to be able to get a decent shot!
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