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Meet Liz!

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At the shelter she was Lizabeth, here she became Liz, or Lizzy, or Lizzy-liz. She's our little panther bear, a furry black ball of love. She is stubborn and independent but loving and friendly at the same time.

We adopted her in January, she was estimated to be about 1.5 years old then. She was found as a stray 2 months prior. Who would EVER abandon such a perfect cat?

Going for a walk
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She is just gorgeous, and so well behaved on her walk. You must be very proud!
Ah! She's so nice and you're so lucky.
What a pretty cuddly girl! She does pretty good on the leash.
Lizzie is a wonderful girl. You are all lucky to have found eash other.
Thank you guys! She really is wonderful... today I had the chance to take some newer pictures of her. These were my favorites:

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