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Meet minouch

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Hello there my name is Hicham i live in morocoo, about 4-5 my mom and my brother bought the sweetest kitten , We named him minouch :razz:.
In his first week he explored the appartement a bit and jumped on the fourniture a lot. we loved him :D

( i dont know how to post a photo i'am new to the site :/)

I do have one question to ask: Minouch is about 7weeks or 8weeks old and he bites a lot some leave marks and some dont like today he bited and my arm, i dont know if he is playing, i hope i get an answer.
Thank you
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Welcome! Miouch is a very cute!

Yes, he is playing. Put a toy in front of him when he is trying to bite, so maybe he will bite that instead of your arm. Look around the forum posts - there are several people here who have cats who bite. In kittens, it is ususally because his mother or fellow litter mates didn't get enough time to teach him manners. When you play with him, don't encourage rough play with your hands.
Thank you very much for the fast reply.

for the toy i have no clue what to buy him, got any tips?
A stuffed animal that is smaller than him. Something he could grab onto with his paws and kick with his back legs. I have a chipmunk-sized toy like this
Petlinks Mousefull Refillable Catnip Toy at PETCO
that might be a good size for a kitten. I have seen other stuffed cat toys, about the size of a large carrot. You could even make one from an old sock, using old pillow stuffing or possibly tissue paper (sew up the end).
Hello, Minouch is adorable! I also have a kitten (8mths old now) but yes he also bites now and again - he's is just playing and he doesn't bite as much as he did when he was younger - he also seemed to have much sharper teeth when he was very little, I also have a few books with tiny little teeth marks in them - a memento from when he was tiny!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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