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Hello, everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting and talking about all of your feline families. Here's a little bit about my own recent adoption:

I recently adopted a kitten named Bolero from the local humane society. His brother and cagemate was adopted and he was the only one left... and clearly the runt of his litter. (1.9 pounds at 8.5 weeks!) He was unhealthily skinny; I could feel his ribs so easily, and they had to bottlefeed him when he was younger. He also just finished getting over worms. But he curled up on my backpack and started purring, and I just knew I had to take him home. :) He's very friendly and very sweet. I'm completely in love!

I think he really is attached to humans because of his background... he loves climbing on me and sitting on my chest. I'll probably regret that I let him do it when he gets bigger. :p It's been a few weeks and he's put on some more weight; he's just over 3 pounds now (he just had his last round of shots from the vet and took 'em like a champ). He's become more confident and he loves to play, especially with those cat fishing rod toys. I'm looking forward to many happy years with him by my side.

Attached are some pictures of my beautiful boy. The first is from the afternoon I brought him home (he was resting on the arm I am holding my camera in :p) and the second is from about five minutes ago. They grow up so fast... *proud tears*

Here's to the future!


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