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Meet my Snowshoe!

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Her name is Pearl and she is a Snowshoe breed. She is going to be 3 months in a few weeks.
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Gorgeous! She looks so sweet and dainty.

And we have that ducky, too.
She looks like she is smiling.
What a darling face she has! Her nose just begs to be kissed!
Pretty little girl. She does look like she's smiling! :D
Very cute, bet you can't wait to get her home hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you
very cute little blue eyed sweetie
Very cute. Snowshoe is new to me.

Snowshoe breeds originated from a breeder who was breeding siamese cats and a litter of kittens all came out with white feet. So the breeder bred the kittens with American Shorthair breed and the result was a new breed called Snowshoe.

They have Siamese feature but have all white paws and some white in the face and/or forehead.
Very cute. Snowshoe is new to me.
They are a rare breed with very few breeders. They are hard to breed with the correct markings

There are similar patterned moggies around though and many people just call their moggie a Snowshoe when it really isn't
I read the wiki page right after my post. Pretty interesting history. Kind of sounds like Ragdoll history in a way, only without such a confusing beginning, and the cats are very difficult get pattern correct. I love American ingenuity! :D
she is gorgeous! I would like to own a snowshoe someday :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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