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Well, you guys have all met Sasha, but now i would like you to meet my other kitty, Walter. This is my cat that lives at home in my hometown, while i am going to college. When i was about 15, i rescued Walter from the clutches of my aunts crazy neighbor! she had about 30 cats, and they all lived in very tiny cages, and were all traumatized because of it. She had the animal control called on her lots of time (inc once by my mom) but nothing seemed to ever come from it. One day i heard that she had found a new little kitten stuck in the fence in her yard, and that she had captured it and put it in cage! I knew i couldnt let another cat go thrrough this, so i went over there and asked her permission to take it, and she just gave him to me!! well, we fed walter through an eye dropper and nursed him back to health, and now he is a happy and healthy 5 yr old cat ! I miss him dearly, but i see him when i go on visits and my mom sends me pics! hope u all like him! (sorry, the pics are a little big, i edited them but they still came out huge!)

walter in action with the laser pointer :lol:

Where did it go? :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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