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Meet Sherlock and Loki!

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Hi everyone!

Thought I would stop in and introduce my self and my kittens since were new here.

First I would like to introduce you to Sherlock my fluffly almost 7 week old little boy.

And then theres my roommates new kitten Loki
( had him for only a few hours hes hard to get pics of at the moment)

My roommate did have another kitten, but this morning he sadly passed away.
This was little Genovese

Have fun at the rainbow bridge little buddy.We may have had you for a very short amount of time but you were dearly loved!
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OMG! The cuteness...Sherlock is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Both kittens are very sweet looking...

What happened to Genovese? I'm asking because if it was something contagious I'd be worried about introducing two new kittens to an area where one kitten was very ill recently.

In any case I hope both kittens are happy and healthy! We'd love more pics too :)
Its suspected he was just a weak kitten from the start.He acted the same from when my roommate picked him out to the hours before his death.( he was alive at 12:30 am when I went to bed last night) He ate ,drank and used the litter box normally. He was on the skinny side but he was a from a litter of stray they had brought in. The only answer we really got was that he was a weak kitten with a weak body if that makes sense.
OMG! The cuteness...Sherlock is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Thank you! When I went to check out who that had up for adoption the day I got him I walked into the adoptable room and we made eye contact , he meowed and I was in for it. I still walked around and checked out all of the other cats before I went to him . As soon as I touched him he started purring. It was a great moment, it took countless visits to petsmarts, other shelters, and three to this one alone before I found someone who I connected with.
One look at Sherlock and thunk I hit the floor. Such cuteness. Little Loki is a looker also.

Poor Genovese- I am glad that she knew love before she passed.
Such adorable kittens! Look at that guyliner on Sherlock . . . absolutely adorable.
Thanks :)

I looove my Sherlock. He is sooooo cute right now but I can't wait to see what he will look like when he is full grown!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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