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Hi all! I've just joined today as we now how an adorable little friend join our home! His name is Tiger (Absolutely blaming Tiger King for the naming of him, we were slightly tempted to call him Carole but that WOULD be cruel!). We weren't sure what breed Tiger was, but we took him to the vets to have his jabs, worming, flee treatment and check over by the vet who said he is absolutely a main coon but crossed with something )and she has absolutely no idea what!! So we're here looking for some advise! He is by far the cutest cat EVERRRR! He is SO vocal. I mean, constantly... you go to the toilet and he appears outside the door meowing at you to come out (or let him in). I have two kids, 8 and 3, and both have been incredible with him (the 8 year old doesn't leave his side) and he is fascinated with her. Everywhere she goes, he follows. We have a house rabbit (Thumper - 5 years old) who isn't too sure on him, but Thumper doesn't really leave my 8 year olds bedroom, so we don't let tiger up there unless he's with one of us until we can be sure they'll get along.. as Thumper is 3 x the size of tiger!

The vet did say tiger is slightly smaller than the average main coon. They weren't even going to do his chip because of his size (they did do it, as he was only just in the right catchment for it). Im not sure if this is a bad thing, or just representative of what he's crossed with?

Anyway, hello to you all! Any guesses on what Tiger is crossed with would be fab! and also how to control the meowing also ha ha... he purr's constantly, and is forever head butting me and licking me / the kids so he's obviously quite happy, just very very very chatty!


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