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Hi there,
I just registered last night and am very glad I found this site. Our children include.... Cherokee, she is our black Siamese mix. Billy the Kid, a tuxedo, he is our Ragdoll mix. Mr. Buttons, he is our hybrid kitty, he's half Persian, half Ragdoll , he is solid white and odd-eyed, and then we have our little Pi'U ( pronounced like pie you) he is our 6th gen. purebred Bengal. Then we have our adopted kids which are 3 mice, all boys , names...Spot, Number 2 mouse and then Reddy, and 1 lab rat named Brownie. We also have 3 kitties that live in our garage and we feed. They are all tabbies, there is Limpy, he is grey and black. BabyGirl, who is brown and black and just had 3 kitties of her own on Saturday. And last but not least, there is Blackie. (((=
We live in the Cheese State, Wisconsin, and love all the kitties we come across, if my husband had his way, we'd make a loft apartment solely for cats! :shock:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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