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Hi! i don't know if this forum has Members from all over the world....?

Anyway, I am from Manila, Philippines. My family has had cats almost all my life. Almost all of our cats were/are rescues. We currently have 4 stay-at-home cats: Slim and Jim (brothers), and Oliver and Annie (brother and sister). We found them in the lot beside our house -- we think our neighbors are aware that we love animals and purposely leave the kittens there for us to find! We also have Gray, but he likes to roam and only comes during mealtime. Then there are the 2 wannabes who hang out in our backyard especially during feeding time. Those 2 are male and huge and have such funny personalities that we let them stay.

Fatboy was my favorite but we lost him in August 2011 due to kidney disease. We still miss him terribly. My room will never be the same.

Anyway, I am happy to have found this forum. Cats are special and so are the people who love them :smile:
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