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I have two five-month-old Siamese littermates (boy and girl) and they seem to be socializing well. At five months, I can pet and hold them (but only when they are in repose, I have to be somewhat slow and crafty to pick them up and pet them for longer lengths of time) and they seem to be more comfortable around me and my mom. Not cuddly by any means, they are quite adventurous and active, so I've come to get used to their states of relaxation (which is when I can pet them or pick them up) or high-energy craziness (when they race around the room, jumping over and at each other, climbing to hard-to-reach places, etc).

However, I've done research and can't seem to find the answer to this question. I read somewhere that kittens (even Siamese) only vocalize to each other. I've certainly noticed this, as the cats will call to each other it seems (there is a quite distinct sound), because, for example, when one is not with the other, the lonely kitty will meow distinctly, and the other kitty will join him/her. But I don't think they are meowing at me yet for any reason.

So first of all, how old before a cat is no longer considered a kitten, and most importantly, is there any age at which they tend to start "talking" to humans? I realize that Siamese are supposed to be quite vocal, but so far they have only been that way towards each other.

I realize the littermate situation might make it a bit different since the kitties seem to have formed a stronger bond with each other than to their humans (me and my mom), but any help/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I do have a Siamese, not a fullbred but her father must have been a showcat( if they even exist? ) She fits all Siamese personality stereotypes.

Vocally, she's been a talker since earlier on. She talks to me all the time and even responds to particular words. I don't remember what age she started doing this. By the way, not just Siamese are talking. My male orange tabby started to talk after a while of seeing my Siamese get attention whenever she spoke to me. After a while he would talk to me all the time.

I think all cats can and will talk. Just try talking to them. It helps to be friends with them so they have to like you.

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Hi ScarlettSkater,
Ah yes kittens!! They are considered kittens till at least one year old!
And be prepared for them to get into all kinds of mischief!
They have lots and lots of energy, and curiosity!
Make sure to 'kitten proof' your place, wires, paperclips, wire ties, rubber bands, etc, etc, etc!!
They will find it all!

As far as 'talking' to you, that will come, the more you talk/relate to them, the more they will respond to you later!
My cats all 'talk' to me! They know certain words and respond with talking back!

Kittens are pretty self centered to start with, but they do mellow out, so hang in there!!


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